06.- 17. 04. 2022; Beograd,
part of OFF THE HOOK: Likely to Happen exhibition
curated by Urška Aplinc

He was often faced with the dilemma of whether to await the astonished crowds that come to his special installations. He had a hard time resisting the urge to see the expressions on their faces. He desperately wanted to proudly admit his authorship of these spectacles and sign his name, but the desire passed him by every time he thought of the consequences. In the end, he always withdrew just when it was time for the big show, for him to take a bow. Instead, he returned a little later, joining the other spectators and feigning astonishment and surprise, knowing that it was he who had kindled the flame.

- Matic Pandel

Contact if interested in any image: matic.pandel@gmail.com